Viewbook offers the option to have a Store in your site. If our Store isn't what you need, there are other options.

Create your Store

The Store is for anyone interested in self-fulfillment sales. You can sell whatever you want, but this page is ideal for selling individual photographs or photobooks. Upload a representative image and enter the pertinent description, shipping, and payment information and you will be in business.

Getting started

  1. Create the shop by going to and clicking the “Create Store” button.
  2. Add your first product.
  3. Upload a picture to represent the item for sale.
  4. Fill in the description and cost of the item.
  5. Fill in an explanation of how you’d like to deal with payment.
  6. Choose shipping regions and rates.
  7. Save changes and open the page.

As soon as you activate the Store in your account it will create a page called Store in your site. You may change the name by clicking on the page name and editing it, just as you would for any other page in your site. Font and color settings also work the same. The only difference is that the content of the store is controlled in account settings.

To make the store appear live in your website:

  1. Open the page called 'Store' in the site editor.
  2. Click the Settings button at the top.
  3. Uncheck 'hide from menu'.

We hope you like the Store. It’s still in the early stages, so if something isn’t working send a detailed description of the problem to [email protected].

Note, the Store is best suited to smaller scale sales of single images. There is no shopping cart, so selling hundreds of images to a wedding client, or something like that, is not an option.


Arranging payment is your responsibility. You must enter payment info and instructions. Most people will likely use Paypal or something like that for payment, but you may enter any payment instructions you like in the “Payment information” field. For example, one could enter something like this to ensure that there is no confusion:

“Send payment by bank transfer (enter your bank number and details). Contact me at [email protected] when the transaction is complete and I'll send your print posthaste. If you are unfamiliar with the bank transfer process, perhaps this link will help.”


“Please send the full PayPal payment to [email protected], and make sure your shipping information is accurate. Once the transaction is complete I’ll send your book as soon as possible.”


A confirmation e-mail is send to buyer with payment instructions you've entered in the 'payment information' field. Another e-mail is send to seller (you) and the order is added to the 'Orders' overview in the Store admin. The order and the e-mails show the product ordered, price, shipping and address details of the buyer.

Confirmation e-mails

The confirmation e-mail that is send to buyer has [email protected] as from address. The buyer can't reply to this e-mail. We've added your e-mail address to the confirmation e-mail, so the buyer can contact you. Make sure your e-mail address in your Viewbook account is correct. This is what the confirmation to the buyer e-mail looks like:

Dear Edward Adams,

Thank you for your order!

You have ordered:
Title: Untitled 1
Total price:  €40.00

After your payment is received your order will be sent to:

Name: Edward Adams
Address: Coolsingel 10
Address line 2: 
Postal code: 3072XR
City: Rotterdam
Country: Netherlands
Email: [email protected]
Shipping_region: world

Payment info:

Price: €10.00
Shipping: €30.00(shipping world) 
Total price: €40.00


Please do not reply to this message. If you have questions please send an e-mail to: riens[email protected].

Yours sincerely,
Rienswagerman Janssen

Other selling options

  • Big Cartel
    Big Cartel is a great solution for artists, designers, photographers, and others to sell online. Setting up shop with Big Cartel will require you to create a sub-domain at your domain host and you will need to know some HTML. Viewbook support will not be able to arrange the entire process, we advise to contact Big Cartel directly for more detailed instructions. Read more

  • Picturepresent (NL)
    Complete fulfilment for Dutch photographers. Based in The Netherlands. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mark an item "Sold out"?

  1. Click on the item in your Store, and the settings for the item will open. 
  2. Check the box that says "Sold out."
  3. Click "Save."